Collage Project final

Danielle Pusey

Artist Name Danielle Pusey

The texture in the college is the glue on the eyelashes. This piece is my favorite  because  she made one side of her face negative . She used a lot of geometric  shapes. She has all the colors on  color wheel. The other half she made blue. This piece is interesting . I like the way her lips are pink, she is sticking out her tongue and it looks  like she used ribbons as  her tongue. She utilized the, entire background. She used strategies to create negative shapes by using different colors. No, The composition is not balance because one side of her face is asymmetrical . The  Visual weight is distributed to the left side of her face which is more active. The  rhythm uses an  ice tone  of blue on the left side of her face, leading my eyes around the picture plane. The primary focal point is the left side of her face. You seem to focus on it more my eyes directly look at her left eyelash on her face. The artist create a scale of 2 dimensional which takes up half of the collage. On the left side, there is cool toned colors, with blue, dark blue, light gray and dark green as well as light green. On the right side, uses warm toned colors: brown ,  orange, pink  and yellow. They are used to show the different shades of the face. she is using expressive colors to make her collage  unique. The  collage has an overall cool temperature by using a lot  of blue, dark blue, light blue and light gray and dark green light green. Yes, she uses complementary colors, They are blue with orange and red with green. The concept of the design is showing that the person  who did the collage is unique by using the colors on the color wheel like blue with orange and red ,green yellow, brown , pink. The successful and unsuccessful aspects  of the design : The successful aspects are the way she uses different colors on her self portrait to show that she is unique: there are no unsuccessful aspects. She doesn’t use negative/ positive, space or figure/ ground ,relationships, but there is a contrast between hot and cool colors, there is relationship of shapes .The eye and the nose and  month are given emphasis. It doesn’t have harmony or balance because the hot colors are on the right side  and  they come forward ; the cool colors are on the left side. The meaning she is trying to give is silliness and fun. She does this by sticking out her tongue and winking her eye. The colors  she uses are happy colors.


Color Depth Collage


christine Martin Color Depth Collage.jpg 2

Artist name: Christine Martin

The contour lines around the cheek, the shoulder and the necklace are soft and curvy. The contour lines of the hair and the nose are wavy. The soft lines contrast with the sharp line of the mosaic pieces. The entire picture plane utilized by the hair no strategies have been taken to create interesting negative space  . There is no negative space in my collage. The collage is not asymmetrical because the face is  symmetrical. It is balanced because there is open space on either side of the neck. The open space are the same color. The visual weight is on hair at the top. The hair is like the leaves on a tree. The visual flow  is around the picture from the eyes to the nose to the lips and then to the hair. The collage has both cool and warm tones. The hair and the face have the warm tones, but the shirt and the background have cool tones. My design  concept is self portrait. The emotion of the portrait is positive and gives me a warm feeling the portrait has a serious expression .I was thinking how interesting this project is going to be. The formal strategies of design that I used were image of my self. stared taking a picture of myself then transferred the picture to a drawing. The drawing was using a  3dimensional design .  The concept of this collage is that used a real image of myself to make it as real life as possible. I also added hair to make it more interesting and more alive. The intended meaning was an expression of love. The portrait has a feeling  of warmth and kindness.